About Us

Based in Oklahoma City, Novo Oil & Gas is a privately held oil and gas company dedicated to creating value using innovative exploration, drilling and completion techniques. Novo is led by a management team with a proven track record of successful value creation and technical expertise. Our company is focused on the pursuit and development of assets in the Northern Delaware Basin of Southeast New Mexico, a region of high-quality, liquids rich, stacked pay zones.

Everything we do at Novo is based on a set of fundamental organizing principles and values.

  1. The quality of the rock drives our business.
    We are not focused on geography. Instead, we go where compelling geology takes us. We have a strong and proven subsurface team that meticulously evaluates every opportunity.
  2. We are passionate about what we do.
    We come to work every day excited about our industry and working to create and grow a high-performing organization.
  3. Innovation is central to the way we think.
    Our name says it all. Novo is Latin for “anew” or “afresh”. We have the conviction and confidence to trust our technical skills and experience and do things differently.
  4. Every decision we make is deliberate, thoughtful and designed to deliver value.
    We are technically focused and commercially driven in all we do. Every decision we make is grounded in technical expertise. We don’t speculate. Instead, we believe every decision must be backed by a compelling technical story.
  5. “The path to wisdom is paved with humility.”
    We believe everyone is important. We believe in teamwork and understand that great ideas can come from anywhere in our organization. In fact, we challenge one another to generate new ideas. No one function or discipline is more important than another. Everyone contributes to our success. (quote from author Tim Fargo).
  6. We are good stewards.
    We believe in the responsible use of capital and in protecting people, land and the environment.
  7. We are honest and respectful, and we keep our promises.
    This is true within our organization and without. We value relationships and treat our contractors, vendors, leaseholders, community partners, investors and other stakeholders the same way we treat one another. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.